Safe, Low Maintenance Electric Fireplaces for Wareham Area Homes

Visually stunning and free from messy cleanup, a quality electric fireplace is a smart investment for any homeowner. Simply plug an electric fireplace into a wall outlet and you'll have a source of both light and heat that can fill a whole room! At South Coast Hearth & Patio, we offer electric fireplaces for Wareham area homeowners from Monnesson and Napoleon in both wall-mounted and built-in styles. Working with some of the industry's leading producers of quality electric fireplaces, including Majestic, we are able to offer a wide selection of these top of the line products backed by both a manufacturer warranty and our own Workmanship Guarantee.

Here are five reasons choosing an electric fireplace is a smart investment:

  1. No smoke or fumes of any kind
    With an electric fireplaces there is no need for gas or wood to start a flame and heat a room. This eliminates the kind of emissions that damage the environment and are potentially dangerous to your family.
  2. Low maintenance
    A simple dusting of the enclosure is the only required maintenance for an electric fireplace.
  3. Energy efficiency
    Electric fireplaces can be added to any room and provide sufficient heat while using less energy than traditional electric or gas powered home heating systems.
  4. Easily customizable
    Easily fit to any home decor, electric fireplaces are available in a wide range of attractive designs. They can also be installed directly into your home or left free-standing for easy transfer from room to room.
  5. Ambiance
    The soft, clean, elegant glow of an electric fireplace is a stark contrast to the roar, crackle, and strong smell of a wood or gas fireplace. An electric fireplace creates a more calm, relaxing ambiance.

Monessen SimpliFire Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace


Napoleon Built-In Electric Fireplace