Hearth Accessories That Are Built to Last

When purchasing hearth accessories, there are two major factors to consider- Will this product do what it is designed to do? and Will this product last for years to come? At South Coast Hearth & Patio we work with the industry's leading producers of durable, high quality hearth accessories to ensure that every product we put in our customer's homes meets both criteria. Whether you are looking for something as advanced as an ash vacuum, or as simple as long matches, you can count on South Coast Hearth & Patio for a wide selection of top quality hearth accessories for Carver and Wareham area homes.

Stop by our Wareham showroom to see our full selection of hearth accessories!



Our Hearth Accessories Include:

"Eco" & Electric Fans
Steamers and Kettles
Stove Gasket
Wood Holders
Ash Buckets
Blow Pokes
Long Matches
Glass Cleaners
Stove & Gasket Cement
Hi-Temp Paint
Mantel Hangers
Boot Crickets
Fire Logs
Apple Bakers

Fireplace Grates
Fireplace Grates

Log Holders
Log Holders

Ash Removal Kits
Ash Removal Kits

Ash Vac's
Ash Vac's